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Top 10 Things For Which To Be Thankful!!

If you are reading this blog, Phoenix AZ real estate is important to you.

And speaking for myself and co-workers, the Phoenix AZ real estate market is the proverbial ‘rising and setting sun’ to our daily lives. I am not so short sighted that I don’t realize this narrow view of the world.

There are clearly many things more important life than Phoenix AZ real estate.

Here are my Top Things for which to be Thankful!! …. in no particular order …

* The stock market is not open on weekends – what a relief. At least then , it cannot be down.

* Capitalism – we still have the opportunity to do, create or be anything we want

* Socialism – we still find a way to share our success with those who are less fortunate

* Pets – no matter how bad the economy is beating us up, our dogs and cats are still happy to see us when we get home

* Family, friends, – no matter what your home appraises for, they will always come fill it with warmth and love

* #1 – The brave men and women of our armed services. Without their loyal, brave and mostly thankless duty we would not be so fortunate to have any of these other wonderful things on the list. THANK YOU!!!

Thank you so much for reading, contributing, commenting and making my personal and professional life richer.