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Less Buyers And More Sellers, Make Your Home Stand Out

The question I have been asked quite a bit lately from sellers is , “Should I Stage my house” in order to sell it at a better price and more quickly?

Before I answer that question, you should know more about the

A-B-C’s and 1-2-3’s of Home staging by Craig Schiller who is the Founder of one the premier home staging companies in the country.

In great detail, he outlines the 2 steps ,

1) prepping the home, making sure the home is in physically presentable condition and 2) staging the home.

In today’s challenging market with less buyers and more sellers, Make your home Stand out

* enhanced marketing such as staging your home so it appears above your neighbors and your competitors (often they are one in the same) is critical.

* A home that has obvious physical flaws or simple lack of upkeep leads buyers to wonder if something they cannot see is wrong with the home.

* A home that has no poor street presence s a result of an unkempt front yard or exterior will deter drive-by traffic from calling to ask to even see whats beyond on the inside.

* An empty home does not feel as warm as a dressed home. Make sure you use furniture that will appeal to the broadest amount of buyers

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