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4 Reasons To Buy A New Construction Home

Phoenix AZ real estate is made up of new home developments that sprouted up during the real estate ‘gold rush’ of 2001-2005. In fact, I would argue that Phoenix AZ real estate leads the country in the number of new home builders who have come here to develop land.

As a result, the choice between resale and new home construction is difficult. Although,, I have argued very good reasons for both, it seem lately the advantages weigh in favor of new home construction.

There are many pros and some cons to both choices.

However, are 4 Reasons to Buy a new construction home direct from a builder.

1. Pricing/Value – most builders have a lot more room to negotiate than resale owners. The sales process is much more of a business decision versus an emotional one for most homeowners. Also, builder’s incentives make the price quite compelling.

2. Modern Energy Efficient Design – makes a home eco-friendly and “Green” ?

3. Design your Dream Home – both offers an array of modern floor plans that you can choose paint color, stonework, flooring, cabinets, landscaping and what seems to be an endless amounts of choices in amenities and design.

4. Long-Term Equity Appreciation- Think New Car Smell! Lets face it, who doesn’t like New vs. Used is as American as apple pie. Think, new car smell.